Special Fundraiser! Buy one of 10 originals and have 50% go to Planned Parenthood

It’s time for action.  Today after talking with a friend about the recent decision by the Supreme Court to retract the decision from 50 years ago for women to have the right to make a decision for reproductive rights, I decided to use the energy of my frustration into something productive:  Painting.

What emerged was a beautiful and powerful image of a vagina with the word ‘Mine’ written inside.  While I would love for this to be the case in our country and our world, it is not.  In fact, women and girls are at greater risk than ever of being harmed sexually and losing access to abortion and reproductive rights.

So I veiled the image and sewed on the top fabric two sides of symbolism:  one of a grid that is trying to repress and control; the other of pink swirls showing

the beauty and freedom of women.  It feels good to be creating with my hands and channeling energy away from negativity toward hope.

If you buy one of the originals (9×12″) for $75, framed, 50% of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

You may contact me at:  hannahgoldenthreadart@gmail.com

Hannah Anderson, founder of Golden Thread Art and Golden Thread Coaching