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Remarkable: Worthy of Attention

Bev Schultz

Today I want to introduce you to a remarkable woman:  Bev Schultz.  She would argue with me that she is not remarkable, but her courage and willingness to overcome inner fears have convinced me otherwise.  Bev’s creative journey is the subject of my blog today.  She is worthy of attention.

When visiting another practitioner in the building at 2 ½ Beacon Street here in Concord, Bev noticed some of the printed materials for Golden Thread Coaching.  She picked them up, looked them over and said to herself, “I hate this stuff.”  And yet, something called to her; she told me she had to try out life coaching.  In spite of feeling terrified, Bev reached out to me and we met.

She had retired from a very demanding job that had kept her busy for forty years.  Suddenly, she had time on her hands and realized there was something missing in her life.  Perhaps you, like Bev, have felt that same emptiness and wondered how to explore it without rushing to fill it in with mindless activity.

This is where Bev’s remarkable courage was so evident.  As she told me in a recent conversation, “I was tempted to run!  But I stuck with it because I felt as if there was a plan beyond myself that was at work.  I knew I needed a creative element in my life but was too chicken to do it myself.”

I knew from the first time I met Bev that she would benefit from the creative process along with traditional life coaching.  Don’t ask me how I knew; I just had a strong message from my intuition that directed me this way.  From our very first meeting, which she thought was just a consultation, I pushed her out of her comfort zone, leading her to the easel to paint.

At the easel, Bev froze.  “Can I paint with water? I’m just not ready for paints yet.” she said.

“Sure!  Here are some big brushes.”  I replied.

And she was off!  She painted with large strokes on a big paper.  The water glistened and shone.  Then she was ready for a few colors on a palette.  As soon as those colors landed on the moist paper, she was home with her inner artist.

Each time we met from April through September, 2021, we would talk a bit and then jump into something creative:  discovering how to mix colors together to find indigo-then adding water to it and dyeing some strips of fabric…experimenting with favorite colors to paint with large sweeps of energy…even using images from dreams and working with them through art to uncover their deeper messages.  Step by step, color by color, Bev overcame her inner fears and outer obstacles to claim this part of her soul that had been dormant for years.  As she explains it, “I’ve come into me.  Something fell away and I met my inner self who is no longer hidden inside.  I am now free to explore!”

Bev has continued to honor her own creative process at home in a room she calls her little haven.  Her husband bought her a table to set up with her art projects.  She bought a few carts to store her art supplies and keep them organized but accessible.  The wall in the space is covered with her works of art and the table is in constant motion from her creativity.  Bev may work from 5 minutes up to a few hours.  Her ritual to honor this time begins with lighting a candle, perhaps use sage for a little smudging of the space and then adding music.  She looks out into the backyard, lets go of expectations and perfection, and begins her creative process in whatever way she is led.

One of the concepts I shared with Bev in our work together is called the adjacent possible.  She told me that this is incredibly important to her creative process.  (I learned about it from a painter, Nancy Hillis.)  To sum it up in simple terms, the adjacent possible refers to what unfolds from a single creative act or thought.  For example, Bev came to 2 ½ Beacon Street.  As a result of that, she came across the written materials for Golden Thread Coaching.  As a result of that, she made a decision to come visit.  This led to her painting with water.  Then she painted with paints.  As a result of that, she became more curious and less afraid.  Her husband encouraged her to set up an art space and bought her a table.  As a result of that action, she now has an art practice of her own.  And she shares her art freely with people who LOVE it!  Get the idea of the adjacent possible?  You truly do not know ahead of time what the next step might be but you learn to trust the process, even embrace it.

So, Bev.  The message I am about to share with you is what I want to share with anyone reading this blog:

“You are an inspiration because you said YES to something inside yourself that wanted to be heard and known.  This was a brave, vulnerable thing to do.  It took courage.  Your lifetime of experience brought you to this place of readiness.  You have uncovered and claimed your golden thread—that precious, resilient strand of energy that is uniquely yours.  I am so glad to know you, Bev.  My life is far richer because of witnessing the unfolding of your creativity.   Your adjacent possible intersected with mine and we are both changed because of it.  Keep passing this gift on to others.  You ARE remarkable, worthy of attention.  The world needs you.”






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