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(Sending gratitude and prayers for the Earth)

Upon request for a small group of your own making or as a special time for yourself!

This is a Peruvian ritual to send out into the world our deepest gratitude to the earth along with our desires for our lives.

Gather with others who bring intention to thank our Mother Earth for her blessings and sustenance to all of life.  We will create mandalas of seeds, herbs, flower petals, sugar and spices on a 12" square of biodegradable paper/fabric.  This 'bundle' of gratitude will then be wrapped with golden thread.  It is a slow, quiet and kind activity.

All materials will be provided.  A light dinner is optional.



If you’re ready to honor Mother Earth and the life you have been given, this quiet workshop is for you.

How This Works

Each workshop to create a despacho will be held at 2 1/2 Beacon Street in Concord, NH, at the Golden Thread Studio/Office.  

Cost:  $60, with dinner and workshop

Cost:  $50, workshop only

Capacity: 4 spots open for each workshop!

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We will begin our time by gathering at Hannah's studio, sharing a simple meal (optional), introductions, and creating sacred space together through ritual and the setting of intention.

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Hannah will introduce the materials and process of making a despacho.

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Each person will have his/her/their own workspace for creating a despacho.  The environment will be quiet and gentle as we each focus on the process that is unfolding.  Each despacho will be unique and filled with particular intentions, thoughts, desires and prayers.

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At the end of our time, we will gather as a sacred circle.  Each person will be given an opportunity to share thoughts about the making and sending forth of a despacho.

When you leave with your despacho, you can discern if you want to share it with Mother Earth through placing it on land (or in dirt), into a body of water or into fire to be released back to Source.

Are you ready to prepare for a new life?


Please contact me directly so I can help you create a plan that brings art into the mix!


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