Art Show Throughout September at Red River Theatre in Concord, New Hampshire!

blue abstract painting

Come and view my paintings by at Red River Theatre in Concord, New Hampshire! The exhibit remains up for September 2022. Enjoy the art and enjoy the movie. All pieces are original and are for sale. Artist statement: Years ago, my oldest brother, Pete, began practicing meditation. He was in the seventh grade at the…

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Remarkable: Worthy of Attention

Today I want to introduce you to a remarkable woman:  Bev Schultz.  She would argue with me that she is not remarkable, but her courage and willingness to overcome inner fears have convinced me otherwise.  Bev’s creative journey is the subject of my blog today.  She is worthy of attention. When visiting another practitioner in…

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The Portal

abstract painting

When my grandson, Grant, was about five years old, his younger brother and I joined him for a winter walk in the woods. Initially, we were on a trail with well-packed snow. Suddenly, Grant said, “I see a portal over there. Let’s go!” and off we went, not far from the trail but into deeper…

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