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Art Show Throughout September at Red River Theatre in Concord, New Hampshire!

blue abstract painting

Come and view my paintings by at Red River Theatre in Concord, New Hampshire!

The exhibit remains up for September 2022. Enjoy the art and enjoy the movie. All pieces are original and are for sale.

Artist statement:

Years ago, my oldest brother, Pete, began practicing meditation. He was in the seventh grade at the time and we lived in Statesville, NC. It was a difficult time in life for our Quaker family as we experienced rejection as northerners who would form relationships with people of many ethnicities. Perhaps meditation was one of the ways that Pete sought to connect himself with peace and calm amid an otherwise turbulent time with his southern peers.

One day I walked into Pete’s room to ask him a question. I was in fourth grade. I saw him sitting on his bed, deep in meditation. When I began to talk, Pete silenced me by saying, “Not now, Hannah. My soul is connected to the other side with a golden thread.”

I left his room quietly and was very curious.

The thread of that story wasn’t picked up for decades. And then, when Pete was diagnosed with cancer at age 51, we began talking again about the golden thread. For both of us, it became a symbol of connecting to our truest selves as brother and sister.

When he died a decade later, I was ready to engage in life coaching professionally. My small company, Golden Thread Coaching, is now augmented by Golden Thread Art. I believe that, for me, the golden thread of my life is resilient and strong, deeply grounded in creativity and compassion.

It is my joy to support others in their creative process as they discover and claim the golden threads that have guided them through life.

As a self-taught artist, I choose to name this art exhibit: Following the Golden Thread.

Hannah Anderson
Hi, I’m Hannah!

I’m the owner of Golden Thread art. Here, you can shop my artwork, take a workshop, or immerse yourself in a retreat. My hope is to help you discover your inner artist and trust your own creative process.

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