My purpose is to
inspire people through my artistic journey and help spark interest
in their own creativity

My art, in its multiple forms, has kept me alive and healthy through years as an Episcopal priest and life coach. It’s given me a place to play, explore, and fly, and provides a much needed respite from the demands of my daily work.

Art has brought me healing, reconciliation and a way to integrate parts of my life, as the creative process is a form of prayer and a source of deep joy.

My art expresses what is real, soulful and grounding. There can be a serious reflection about images, mark-making and process, but ultimately it is a playful way of engaging issues that is just not being tapped in the world.

As highly intuitive, I was led to create as a way of finding and honoring a stream of life energy.

My hope is to help others do the same, while trusting their own creative process.

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